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STEAM TURBINE (Single – stage)


STEAM TURBINE (Multi – stage)

Are designed to meet the requirements of the most restrictive standards, like API611 and API612. The functionality is guaranteed for a continuous duty.

Modularity of the turbine assure a wide range of application.

Single-stage steam turbine for mechanical drive of pumps, fans and compressor.

Multi-stage steam turbine with high mechanical and electrical performance when the turbine is used for power generation.

The calculated resonance frequncy above the operating speed allows the user to have a continous variation of the speed of the driven machine.


Electrical generation in little size power plant wit high electrical efficiency

Steam Turbine – Construction features

Is provided with horizontal axis with case in two halves with metal seal on the center plane. The axis, disk and blades are made from a single piece, without interconnection elements in order to ensure a more compact design, balancing and easy maintenance of the rotating parts.
Labyrinth type or graphite seals are available for every steam condition.
No contact bearings with white metal Babbitt ensure long life and excellent vibration dampening .
The realization in two halves makes for easy replacement without requiring disassembly of the rotor.

The protection against over speed is guaranteed by a dual independent system, one electrical and one mechanical. The mechanical system is operated directly by the entrifugal force generated by the rotation axis, in order to ensure an intrinsically safe system.
Generator and turbine assembly is designed to be able to allow direct coupling without the interposition of the gearbox, solution allow to maximize system efficiency.